About Us

Hello all and welcome! Since you are here you’re obviously curious to know more about our brand so here is our story:

The Short 

We want to make stunning and luxurious jewellery accessible to absolutely everyone.
This is why we have put together a charming collection of our best loved and most treasured pieces of accessories just for you.

The Long

Co- founders and couple Chris and Dom’s dream has always been to have their own business.
Like every girl out there Dom loves a bit of bling when she can get her hands on it, like every man Chris likes an easy life where possible.
One Saturday evening while chatting over a pizza the idea was born to create an online jewellery shop bringing together beautiful jewellery, chic and trendsetting styles with a truly unique customer service.
Thanks to Dom’s inspiration and Chris’ perspiration this has now become a reality.
Like every single one of us each piece has its own uniqueness and beauty so it has been given a name to match.
We only pick the finest materials for all of our jewellery and ensure it’s made with love and the greatest attention to detail from production to our lovely packaging.
We hope you adore our jewellery and accessories just as much as we do! 
Now the fun part - let’s get shopping !!